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Specific services


Survey analysis :

We undertake some or all of the different stages of your survey.

Keyboarding and analysis of the responses, creating tables and cross tabs and finally making statistics reports.

Results can be produced as tables or histograms in Word, Excel, or HTML format. 


Data capture :

Take advantage of our know-how : enhance your data by using new technologies.
Wherever you are, choose a specialized service provider to outsource your data.
Our data capture team provides fast and accurate services in French, Italian, English, German, Spanish...


Data file processing :

Need to optimize your file ?

We prepare your data using rigorous procedure and offer a range of data base management services including :
Merge/purge, formatting, deduplication, suppressions : gone-away returns, client stop, deceased, MPS...
Mailing list preparation
We will send you your final net file by secured means. 


Sorting and mailing / Pick and pack / Envelope enclosing :

Centralize your processes to optimize your deadlines and reduce your costs.
We propose you the following services :
- Mechanical folding and inserting, hand enclosing of specific items, franking and collecting to the Post Office or preparation for the post of your choice, packing, storage and management of your dispatching documents in our premises. Envelopes supply : We hold a large range of envelopes for mailings and products, in order to reduce your storage we can provide envelopes according to your expectations.