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Personalised printings

For personalised printing, we provide :

          A technical support of specialised programmers
          Performing and professional software package : full choice of functionalities.

We offer you the possibility to print any types of documents in different languages and several alphabets.
We will be happy to assist you in all your printing requirements, personalised printing or VDP (Variable Data Printing) with the ability to manipulate images, texts and even pagination, for any business : Bank, hospital, mutual insurance, administrations, institutional sectors and direct marketing companies.

Electronic document management (EDM)

Management of PDF copy to integrate an EDM system. NEED TO OPTIMAZE YOUR FILE?
We prepare your data using rigorous procedure and offer a range of data base management services including : Merge/purge, formatting, deduplication, suppressions: gone-away returns, client stop, deceased, MPS...
Mailing list preparation.
We will send you your final net file by secured means.